Leonova Diamond IS


Leonova Diamond IS is the most advanced ATEX/IECEx certified instrument on the market, offering a full range of measuring techniques, high analytical power, and powerful troubleshooting capabilities.  Leonova Diamond IS offers the strongest combination of measuring techniques available. Three-channel vibration measurement (DC to 40 kHz), HD Order Tracking, sophisticated analysis, and the SPM HD technique for condition monitoring of rolling element bearings (1-20 000 rpm range) provide maximum flexibility for detection of machine faults.


Condition monitoring in zones 0 - 1 - 2

The instrument is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Heavy industries with intrinsic safety requirements such as the refinery, mining or oil and gas industries are challenging environments. Leonova Diamond IS complies with the strictest ATEX/IECEx standards and thus can be used in zones 0 - 2.